LEGO Classic Around The World 11015 Building Kit Review

One toy that has truly stood the test of time when it comes to engaging children's imagination is LEGO.

If you are looking for the perfect starter kit or a versatile addition to an existing LEGO collection, the LEGO Classic Around The World 11015 Building Kit is ideal.

As with all LEGO sets, the bricks are perfect for helping children to develop their fine motor skills.

The addition with this set is that there are a wide range of small items kids can make according to the guide, but a huge variety of brick types, sizes and colours for them to make their own creations too.

Playing with LEGO helps kids learn resilience while putting those pieces together to make the creation on the page or in their imagination.

It can also help them learn about working together with others when they have friends or family members who pitch in and give a hand at putting together one of the creations.

Patience, resilience and co-operation are all vital skills for our kids to learn, and all from a collection of little plastic bricks!

Kids of all ages will love the LEGO Classic Around The World 11015 Building Kit this Christmas and it will make a valuable addition to a LEGO collection of any size!

As they build their LEGO sets, kids aren’t just putting little bricks together they’re creating entire worlds and going on adventures.

They’re travelling to new lands for adventure or building communities.

When they complete their set, they gain confidence as a by-product of being able to finish that task and to solve the puzzle of how everything was supposed to fit together.

The LEGO Classic Around The World set is perfect for kids having fun while learning about some of the many animals and other things that can be found around the world. 

They can put together an American bald eagle or they can build a colourful palm tree.

They’ll also be able to build a kangaroo and a little joey or a brown bear, a cactus or a London double decker red bus.

Or perhaps an orca, a parrot, a lion, a crocodile, a boat or a plane?

Whether they prefer animals that swim, crawl or fly, there's something here to make them happy.

Then there are various forms of transport, an Asian-style house and more.

In total, there are fifteen ideas that kids can build with this kit and they will have hours of fun doing it. 

But then they can use all of the 950 bricks to make all kinds of other things.

The set comes with a colourful continent map so that as kids build the creations, they get to locate the place in the world where the animals and plants are naturally found. 

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