15 Fun Space Rocket Theme Crafts for Kids to Make

Are your kids fascinated by all things related to space and rockets?

Or are you planning a space theme learning unit in your school or homeschool?

These space rocket theme crafts for kids to make include a variety of craft types using your everyday supplies, and some of them are great fun for kids to play with afterwards.

Lots of kids love the idea of being an astronaut, exploring new worlds and galaxies, or discovering what's out there in deep space.

It's no wonder then that they would also love some rocket crafts with a bit of flair to them.

Here are 15 fun craft ideas for kids (and parents or teachers) who want to make some rockets!

15 Fun Rocket Theme Crafts for Kids to Make

These crafts are sure to keep you all busy on a rainy day or when they need a break from their screens, and they're perfect for adding to your space theme learning too.

Projects include making your own craft stick rocket ship, folding origami rocket ship corner bookmarks, and building rockets out of empty toilet paper rolls!

This cute little craft will be fun for kids to combine a paper plate craft with a craft using their footprint.

Instead of having them use their footprint, this space rocket uses their handprint.

Kids will love making this personalized rocket craft.

A simple sewing craft for kids, this felt rocket is perfect for young learners who may just be getting started with sewing.

Bring science and space together with this easy hands-on paper rocket craft.

You only need a few supplies, and the kids will have fun creating the rockets.

The kids will have a blast making these straw rockets as they learn more about the science behind them.

This rocket craft is made with craft sticks and will be a fun way for kids to learn more about space.

Another fun paper plate rocket that the kids will enjoy making as they learn more about space and science!

These little rocket corner bookmarks will be the perfect craft for kids and a great way to keep their place in their favourite space book.

Help your little one learn more about shapes and geometry concepts by making this fun shape rocket.

Turn that leftover toilet paper or paper plate roll into a rocket with this fun and easy space-themed craft.

An easy summer craft that’s also educational, kids can use a paper roll and some construction paper to make this rocket.

Not only will the kids be making rockets, but they’ll also learn how to do some paper quilling when they make this craft!

A simple paper craft even the youngest of learners can participate in, these rockets are made by folding paper. 

Perfect for patriotic holidays or when learning about space, these red, white and blue rockets are ideal for your family 4th of July fun.

Another great way for them to keep track of where they are in their favorite book is these paper rocket bookmarks that are easy to make.

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