Beautiful Mixed Media Mermaid Doll Craft for Kids to Make

This mixed media mermaid craft is perfect for a mermaid theme party or unit study, or just for those days when you want to do something creative with your kids. 

With a little bit of paint, some paper and some imagination, you can create your very own little mermaid friend or decoration.

Pair this craft with a fun summer lesson, make one at a mermaid theme birthday party or keep them as a fun activity for rainy days.

Either way, these mermaids are sure to bring a smile to your kids' faces.

They make a great activity for a kids party, just set up the stations with craft pieces and let the kids make their mermaids to take home afterwards.

Set the theme with this cute mermaid party pack:

Or why not add this mermaid craft idea to a mermaid unit study or under the sea theme?

Before we get started with our craft, let's talk a little about mermaids.

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What are Mermaids?

Mermaids are mythical creatures that have the head and torso of a human and the tail of a fish.

They are said to live in the sea and often come to the surface to sun themselves or to sit on a rock and comb their hair.

Mermaids are also said to be able to lure sailors with their singing voices, leading them to their watery graves.

Mermaid Craft Ideas

Whether you believe in mermaids or not, they make for fun craft ideas!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Paint your own mermaid tail

Get a little messy and have fun with this one.

Make a mermaid tail out of paper.

This is a great way to recycle some old newspapers or magazines, or grab some large sheets of sugar paper or butcher paper.

Once you have the shape made, use any colours you like to paint them and make them fit your under the sea personality.

 Add some glitter for extra sparkle!

2. Throw a mermaid tea party

Make some starfish sandwiches and these gorgeous Ariel themed cupcakes for your guests.

Serve up some ocean punch in a seashell shaped bowl and don't forget the seaweed chips.

3. Mermaids love pearls!

String some beads together to make a necklace or bracelet.

You could even glue them onto a headband for a fun dressing up accessory.

Perler or Hama beads or little pearl beads would be a good alternative for crafting mermaids and fish like these:

4. Make a mermaid friend out of clay

This is a great activity for kids of all ages.

Simply roll the clay into a ball, flatten it out and then add your details.

Once you're happy with your mermaid, bake her in the oven to set.

Or you could use air dry clay and etch in a design like these mermaid tails:

5. Make this adorable mermaid doll!

Now that we've got some fun craft ideas, it's time to get crafting!

How to Make the Mixed Media Mermaid Craft

Using mixed media for crafting allows children to explore their creativity by playing around with different textures, materials and colours while creating a unique piece of artwork.

By layering different materials, children will also engage in problem-solving, learning how to combine and anchor items.

Please treat the supplies list and instructions here as a guide, especially for older children who will have their own unique ideas on what to use and how to out it together to create their own special mermaid doll.


Here are all the materials you'll need:

Now let's start making our mermaid craft for kids!


1. Select coloured craft papers for the head, upper body, blushes, hair base and top of the mermaid doll. 

2. Use the template to trace the template patterns on to the selected craft papers and cut them out neatly.  

3. Attach the top cutouts on to the upper body base cutout. 

4. Grab the hair cutout and matching yarn. Cut a slit along the yellow line of the hair pattern.

5. Cut the yarn into small pieces about the same length as the hair base.

6. Glue the small yarn pieces on the hair base to fill the pattern.  

7. Fill the hair pattern cutout with the yarn on both sides and above the slit. Keep the rest of the part intact. 

8. Attach the blush cutouts on to the cheeks of the head cutout.

9. Use a sharpie to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the mermaid doll. 

10. Then slide the head under the slit of the hair and apply glue to fix its position. 

11. Attach the head pattern on to the neck part of the body base. 

12. String some of the seed beads onto a double thickness of thread to make a necklace for your doll.

13. Carefully attach the necklace to her neck.

14. Attach the tail cutout on to the bottom side of the body base pattern.

15. Glue two sequins on her top as buttons or decoration and your mermaid is ready to play with or display.

I hope you enjoy this creative activity.

It's the perfect preschool mermaid craft for preschool, or at home on rainy days or those super hot summer days when you can't hit the beach!

More cute craft ideas for older kids:

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