15 of the Best Educational and Fun Montessori Toys for Toddlers

Are you looking for gifts for older babies and toddlers?

To help your children learn more, we’ve gathered some of the best Montessori Toys for toddlers.

These are toys that give children hands-on learning through self-directed activities and collaborative play.

If you are unfamiliar with the Montessori method of learning, it’s a learning style that emphasizes independent and child-led learning.

Through the process, children are allowed to learn at their own pace in a self-directed manner since not all children learn in the same way.

Lessons and activities are based more on the needs of their developmental stage and abilities. 

These Montessori toys for toddlers will help children learn through self-directed play.

While sorting, counting, and doing the different activities, they will also be fine-tuning their motor skills.

16 of the Best Educational and Fun Montessori Toys for Toddlers

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For sorting shapes, this toy animal playset is great for toddlers.

The kids will love the Noah’s Ark theme as they can learn more about the animals.

A great sensory toy for toddlers, this Montessori toy will have them practicing their fine motor skills as they slide, pull, and manipulate the strings.

Make learning about fruits and vegetable fun and help your toddler practice their fine motor skills as they play with the wooden block set.

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For toddlers, busy books are a great way to keep their little hands busy as they learn.

This busy board focuses on the human body helping them learn more about anatomy.

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With 6 car toys and a fun ramp racer track, this Montessori toy will be educational in many aspects and the kids will have fun racing the cars.

This activity cube has plenty of things for your toddler to do as they learn more about shapes.

They’ll be able to sort shapes, use the clock to tell time, and more.

Help your toddler learn a variety of different things with this birthday party pack toy.

The bin is stackable and has an integrated play tray for easy storage.

Children will love playing with this busy board as they learn more about dressing themselves.

They’ll also be working on important fine motor skills.

A set of shape puzzles that toddlers will love manipulating.

This set will have your toddler building different objects with the shapes provided.

Pulling and placing wooden mushrooms into the magnetic board will help children with their sorting skills. 

Another fun shape sorting activity for kids, this is a great learning toy.

This sensory bin has textured blocks that kids will be sorting and learning about.

A travel busy board that can help children develop early learning skills, this busy board features dinosaurs, letters and more.

Kids will use the flash cards to turn the wooden letters to match the cards and spell the words. 

This fun peg board set will help children learn more about colours and sorting.

It’s an activity that will have them working on their fine motor skills.

Spike is here to help children develop their sensory and fine motor skills.

Kids will be able to recognize numbers, count, and more as they play with Spike.

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