20 of the Best Star Wars Inspired STEM Activities Kids Will Love

Are you ready to embark on an epic journey to a galaxy far, far away?

Well, hold on to your lightsabers because I've got something that will take your love for Star Wars to a whole new level!

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of STEM with 20 out-of-this-world activities inspired by your favourite space saga.

From building droids to mastering the Force with mind-bending experiments, these hands-on projects will ignite your imagination and fuel your passion for science, technology, engineering, and math.

So, channel your inner Luke Skywalker and get ready for some STEM-tastic adventures in a galaxy not so far away!

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Maths meets Star Wars in this creative activity where kids use printable grids to design their own Star Wars galaxy, exploring math concepts while unleashing their inner Jedi.

Dive into imaginative play with LEGO Star Wars printable game cards, providing hours of entertainment for young Padawans and Sith Lords alike.

Kids can conduct a series of experiments to attempt to defy gravity with a LEGO figure.

Find out what keeps us on the ground, holds molecules of gas in the atmosphere, and keeps the Earth and the other planets in our Solar system close to the Sun.

This Build-a-Droid activity lets young engineers create their own unique droid companions, sparking creativity and problem-solving skills.

Illuminate your May the Fourth festivities with these DIY light-up Star Wars cards, combining crafting and engineering to bring the Force to life in an interactive experience.

LEGO Star Wars Molten Lava Slime brings the Force to playtime, combining sensory fun with imaginative storytelling.

Engage in hands-on math learning with a Star Wars LEGO minifigure math game, combining STEM education with galactic adventures.

Get creative with Star Wars play dough, shaping and moulding a Death Star masterpiece while engaging in sensory exploration.

Bring characters from a galaxy far, far away to life with Star Wars shadow puppets, inspiring imaginative storytelling and dramatic play.

Explore math concepts through play with LEGO minifigures, discovering ways to make ten while on a galactic adventure.

Craft your own DIY lightsaber that really works, igniting imaginations and sparking excitement for Star Wars fans.

Get crafty with a Chewbacca Star Wars shape craft, combining art and learning in a fun and creative activity.

Find different ways to rescue Han Solo from the freezing process!

This simple LEGO science idea that involves chemical reactions, cause and effect, and more.

Create a Yoda shape craft inspired by the wise Jedi Master, encouraging fine motor skills and creativity.

Mold BB-8-inspired play dough sculptures, fostering imaginative play and sensory exploration.

This cute BB-8 droid paper plate is a fun craft that kids can make and play with.

Explore the properties of oobleek in a Star Wars-themed galaxy adventure, combining sensory play with science exploration.

Build LEGO Star Wars mosaics with printable building cards, inspiring creativity and spatial reasoning skills.

Construct a Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter using office supplies, fostering creativity and resourcefulness in a DIY engineering project.

Explore the science of the Death Star with a baking soda activity, combining STEM education with galactic adventures.

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