15 Bug-themed Printables for Younger Kids

With the advent of summer, all sorts of warm-weather things start to show up - things like sprinklers, popsicles, watermelons, and, of course, bugs. There are loads of bugs.

In fact, the highest population of any living creature on Earth is most likely ants.

Have some family fun and learn about all sorts of bug-related facts with these 15 bug-themed printables for kids.

Most of these bug-themed printables are perfect for younger kids but a few are adaptable for middle school age kids, too.

Bees are immensely important to life on Earth, as we all know - and they need all the help they can get!

Kids can learn why they're important and many other aspects of bees with this life cycle of a bee printable.

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This butterfly life cycle agamograph shows different stages of butterfly growth depending on the angle at which it’s viewed.

Kids will love coloring in the printable and watching it magically change when turned.

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This printable insect quiet book is a great option, especially for little kids.

It has loads of different activities for them to do and redo, and they will learn to recognize many different insects that are commonly encountered.

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If you have a little one who loves to color, this bug-themed printable pack is perfect for them.

They will learn about insects and colors at the same time.

This bug bingo game is the perfect activity for a trip to a park or the woods.

Kids mark off bugs they find on their board, trying to achieve bingo.

It combines a scavenger hunt with a popular game for a whole lot of fun.

Combine this butterfly printable with a cardboard box.

Then, let kids decorate the wings using colored pegs for a fun, colorful activity.

Kids will love these bug-themed 3D coloring pages! Each one has special 3D elements that pop out from the page and can be colored any way they wish.

This Catch a Bug printable game requires a little prep work ahead of time.

But once it’s ready, it offers three different learning-based games for kids to play repeatedly.

Cutting practice worksheets are an excellent way for kids to help build up scissors skills.

These fun ladybug printables will give them a cutting workout.

It seems like everyone loves ladybugs. They are pretty, useful, and don’t sting or bite.

Kids can show their love for these bugs with these printable ladybug coloring pages.

Speaking of ladybugs, there is actually quite a lot to learn about these little bugs.

Kids will love all the trivia they pick up while working with this ladybug life cycle worksheet pack.

Insect scavenger hunts are always a blast.

You never know what bugs will be around, so it’s never the same game twice.

Use the printable provided to take the work out of setting up this fun activity.

Dot-to-dot puzzles are a classic kids’ activity.

It’s so much fun connecting those random dots until a cute bug picture is formed.

Dot-to-dot puzzles also help kids with number sequencing skills.

Symmetry in nature is a really interesting concept to explore.

These worksheets provide kids with half a picture of a bug.

The kids can then provide the details for the other half, trying to match as perfectly as possible.

Corner bookmarks are a fun little twist on the standard rectangular bookmark.

And these printable firefly ones are the perfect way to keep the magic from a story alive when you have to stop reading.

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