How to Have a Super Fun October Half-term Holiday with Kids

With the October half-term nearly upon us, and not many options for getting out and about, we thought you might need some alternative ideas.

Welcome to our Half Term Survival Guide for Parents!

We've got together with Action for Children to bring you lots of ideas for having fun this October half-term, even if you can't do the things you would normally do.

However our plans are shaping up, October half-term is a great time to focus on our family's wellbeing.

Talk to your children about what's going on, ask them about their worries and anxieties as we all adjust to the current 'new normal', whatever that may be.

Get your children involved in planning the week's activities and family fun and they will feel more in control.

It's time to spend some quality family time together!

Here are 35 fun activities to help you have a super fun October half-term holiday with your kids:

1. Grab the craft supplies and some black paper to create glittery Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night art.

2. Dust off your board games and brush up your skills during the darker evenings.

Perfect for helping children learn how to take turns, share, and win or lose gracefully!

See some of our favourite board games:

3. Wrap up warm and have an autumn BBQ or campfire. Jacket potatoes and marshmallows essential!

4. Help tweens and teens to make a journal.

5. Collect some fallen autumn leaves, then paint to make a beautiful art print with them.

6. Pick a daily theme and find out about a different country or culture, their food and customs.

Or pick an interest each day, for example dinosaurs, under the sea or space, and theme your food and crafts around it.

Our free summer camp at home planner has some great theme ideas you could use.

7. Get ahead of the game and spend some time making Christmas cards for friends and family, or printing your own wrapping paper. You just need is a roll of brown paper, cut vegetables and paint.

8. Camp in your sitting room with a teepee or make your own den complete with cushions, duvets and pillows.

9. Blow up some balloons and play a game of bouncing the balloon - it mustn't touch the floor!

10. Play traditional party games like musical statues, musical chairs, pass the parcel and sleeping lions.

11. Make some icing (icing sugar, a few drops of water and food colouring) to decorate plain biscuits or gingerbread people.

12. Take a walk around town to see the firework displays. Take glow sticks with you to join in the fun!

13. Create your own at home cinema. Draw the curtains, get out the blankets and pop some popcorn.

15. Play hide and seek indoors or out.

16. Plan a three course menu, then cook and present the meal. Create menus and set the table beautifully too.

17. Or have a tea party with teddies or dolls. You could even bake some treats for your afternoon tea party.

18. Wrap up warm, take a torch and head to the woods at dusk. Sit still and you may see foxes or even a badger.

19. Play this version of easy family charades.

20. Have a spa day at home with face masks and foot baths.

21. Do some kitchen science with these easy STEM science experiments.

22. Older kids may enjoy a mini book club. Everyone read the same story, then stop at the end of each chapter to discuss what's going on, what you think of the wriitng etc.

23. For younger children, grab a pile of picture books and snuggle up for a big reading session.

24. Create a vision board. This could be for your family as a whole, or each of you could make your own.

25. Redecorate or rearrange older kids' bedrooms; or reorganise toys and attempt a clear out with younger ones. Have a decluttering clear out with three boxes: recycle, donate, keep.

26. Look out any old clothes and have an upcycling party. Cut off old jeans to make shorts, chop sleeves and add detail to pockets, tops and necklines to make something new.

27. Go on a bike ride together.

28. Do some exercise, yoga or pilates videos from YouTube.

29. Crunch through leaves in your local woodland or go on a family nature walk.

30. Use old newspapers and masking tape to make fun fashion or fancy dress costumes then put on a fashion show.

See more ideas in our guide to rainy day play ideas.

31. Go stargazing. Wrap up warm and lay in your garden on a waterproof picnic blanket, add blankets or a duvet for extra warmth.

32. Make a sensory bin or sensory bottle for younger kids.

33. Play a computer game with your older children - ask them to show you how Minecraft actually works!

34. Put some fun music on and have a sing and dance session together. Or try karaoke, you can get an app on your phone.

35. For a big family, project make this noughts and crosses board. Don't worry, we have a step by step tutorial!

For more kids at home activity ideas, see:
With thanks to Action for Children for their tips and ideas.
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