20 of the Best Ladybird Reading Books for Early Readers

Have you tried the Ladybird books for kids yet?

Ladybird books are designed to be easier for children to learn to read on their own and perfect for early and beginner readers.

There is a huge range of book available, including classic tales and modern favourites such as Peppa Pig.

Ladybird have been publishing books for children since 1914, so they certainly know a thing or two about helping early readers blossom.

So which Ladybird Books should you grab?

Here are some of the best ones for your bookshelf or to pop in those Christmas stockings this year:

Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Unicorn’s Birthday

A short story about a young unicorn who’s having a birthday party followed by a sleepover.

As the party comes to an end and it’s bedtime, will everyone even be able to sleep?

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Rex the Big Dinosaur

When Rex wants to play with the other dinosaurs but finds everyone afraid of him, he learns how he can adapt and show them he’s not so scary and loud.

They may also love this cute dinosaur play mat and dinosaurs to play with!

Captain Comet’s Space Party

A fun interactive book about Captain Comet and his adventure through space.

Perfect book for parents and teachers to read along with children.

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Ned and the Great Garden Hamster Race

This book follows Ned as he explores and competes with other hamsters in a race that also teaches kindness.

What to Look for in Spring

This educational book is a classic.

It illustrates all the aspects of spring to look for and includes beautiful pictures to encourage exploration and learning.

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Little World: Under the Sea

Part of the Little World character series, this book follows the characters as they go on an ocean adventure full of stingrays, coral reefs, and much more!

With push and pull flaps, it's perfect for little ones just discovering the ocean and its wonders.

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Tales of Crowns and Thrones

A collection of stories on kings and queens battling and overcoming battles in their own kingdoms.

This is an illustrated book that pairs perfectly with the accompanying stories included.


Mabel and the Mountain

Follow Mabel as she follows her dreams even though her friends aren’t as supportive as she’d like.

This story focuses on teaching kids to believe in themselves and the power of having confidence.


Magic Windows: Weather

A board book with interactive book with tabs and changing images.

Educationally teaches little ones about weather including how puddles are made and even how rainbows form too!

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Pablo Goes Shopping

Based on the TV series, follow Pablo as he goes to 'the super place' with friends.

But when one friend finds it too loud and bright, they must find ways to still have fun.

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The Wind in theWillows

This abridged version of the classic The Wind in the Willows tale follows four characters along their journey in the woods while they face the bad guy weasels that lurk there.

Rupert and the Frog Song

Based on the beloved Rupert and the Frog Song movie and Paul McCartney song.

Rupert is a curious little bear who ventures into a cave filled with all sorts of frogs and witnesses a song that only happens every couple of hundred years.

Snow White and Rose Red

A lesser told story featuring the classic Snow White and a sibling named Rose Red.

Follow the sisters as they adventure with a bear and a dwarf as well as treasure.


The Ant and the Grasshopper

A retold version of the popular Aesop fable this story teaches valuable lessons about virtue and hard work.

Wise Before Five

Packed full of everything a five year old should know before starting school, this book also gives concepts to improve on and begin learning further.


Teatime for Pirates

Captain Cutlass has to deal with his crew not wanting to eat their tea.

How can he get them to eat carrots, sausage and more to become big, strong pirates?

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Moomin: the Wish

Moomin sees something interesting in the water and learns it's the reflection of a star.

He looks up and makes a wish, but what does he wish for?

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The Magic Paintbrush

While discovering his love of drawing, Sui-Ming finds a magic paintbrush and vows that his new paintbrush must help people, but how?

What is it Made of?

Children can learn all about different materials including bendy rubber and glass and how they are used to make much bigger things.

Meet My Family

A great way to teach children how to introduce their families and learn how different families are structured.

Let children find a family that’s the most similar to theirs!

Did you know that Ladybird Books also have teaching materials that are FREE to use! 

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