The Ultimate Guide to Back to School Every Parent Needs this Year

Are you ready for back to school yet?

Whether your kids go to school or are homeschooled, getting everything organised for those first few days of the new school year can be a struggle!

If you have back to school on the brain and aren't sure where to start or just need a bit of guidance on how to make it easier, read on...

Even if you're still bang in the middle of the summer holidays, the back to school scramble has a habit of creeping up fast!

Whether you need to gather supplies, want to know how to make the most of these last days of summer freedom with your kids or need some ideas for how to make the first day of school special, read on for our ultimate guide to back to school every parent needs this year.

Deal with Back to School Jitters

Whether it's their very first day of school or their first back after a long summer break, kids will have some worries and fears.

Even the ones that are keen to get back to see their friends or their favourite teacher!

Add some of these books to your daily read and snuggle time or bedtime routine to help kids express and come to terms with their worries:

Here's our pick of the best books about homeschooling too:

Take Some Back to School Photos

1. Take a photo of your child with their favorite cuddly soft toy friends playing school.

2. To get in the mood for back to school, dress up in a school outfit and take some silly photos with your child!

3. Get outside and take some pictures. Bring the whole family together to take photos playing and having fun to document everyone's day-to-day life.

Check out this blog post for more fun back to school photo ideas.

Back to School Shopping

Back to school time can get really expensive, really quickly.

Luckily, all the shops are desperate to get your back to school business, so whether you shop on the high street, at the supermarket or online, there are planty of bargains to help you save.

You could also try shopping for discounted back to school stuff at a charity/thrift store or consignment shop.

You will find books, clothes, furniture and much more all at a fraction of the price.

Don't forget to name all their stuff so they don't lose it on week one, too!

Read more:

Back to School Organization

School day mornings are so hectic.

To be honest, it's a wonder anyone gets dressed and fed, and out the door on time!

To make sure you know exactly where everything you need is and that all the right books and paperwork are ready when they're needed you need a command center!

Lunch Box Planning

Lunch boxes are one of the trickiest things to get right, so some advance planning can definitely help.

In the weeks before school starts take your child shopping and come up with some new lunch ideas together.

If they get bored of sandwiches, think up some sandwich-free lunch box ideas, then follow our guide to find out how to pack a healthy balanced lunch box for your kids.

Don't miss our guide to How to Choose the Best Lunch Box.

Want to be a supermum? Here are some Bento Box lunch ideas to make your kiddo's lunches the talk of the cafeteria.

Here are some more school lunch ideas:

Lunch Box Notes

Being separated from home after a long summer of being together caan be hard for kids.

Keep that invisible string going by sending kids off to school with a confidence boosting note in their lunch box.

Grab these Encanto theme confidence boosters to add to your kids' lunch box this term.

Back to School Crafts

Celebrate the back to school season with some fun crafts.

Make a vibrant, happy crayon wreath using just a few on-hand supplies like crayons, wide ribbon, scissors, and hot glue.

See the full tutorial over at Dollar Crafter.

Embrace the apple back to school theme with this apple stand pretend play set.

Looking for an adorable teacher gift that they'll actually use?

These Back to School Mason Jars are simple enough for kids to help make them, but they look fantastic!

If you like to make a gift for teacher on the first day of school, they are sure to appreciate this teacher gift box.

It can be used as a desk organizer, or a holder for all kinds of odds and ends.

Filling it with supplies is the icing on the cake, because we all know how much of their own money teachers spend on classroom supplies each year.

Adding a gift card would be a nice touch, too.

Back to School Recipes

Looking for some sweet back to school treats?

Try these adorable and equally yummy composition notebook cupcakes and notebook cookies.

So cute!

Want a pre- or after-school snack for your kids?

This sweet and delicious banana split trail mix hits the spot any time of day. 

Want a banana split for breakfast as you're walking out the door? Well, why not?

Back to School Breakfast Ideas

From making a special breakfast to celebrate the first day of school to making sure kids are full of energy with a healthy breakfast every morning, we all know it's the most important meal of the day.

If you want a treat, banana chocolate French toast is where it's at. No syrup needed. Yum!

I hope this has helped you get everything organised for back to school season!

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